How to set up Daylight Saving when using IceTV

DST USED in your location
New South Wales +11 and A.C.T, South Australia +10.5, Victoria +11, Tasmania +11, apply Daylight Saving Time.

In the Topfield Menu/Settings/Time page the settings below should be entered…

Mode = Auto
Time Offset = NSW, ACT, VIC, and TAS +11, SA +10.5
Time Format = 12/24hrs according to your preference
DST = On

If your region does not use DST then the last setting is ….

DST = Off

Daylight saving end/start procedure

You do need to use the following procedure:

  1. reset the service list (you do not need to do a reset to factory settings)
  2. do a service scan
  3. resend timers for each device via IceTV Interactive www site

This procedure should be carried out as close to the changeover as possible.

You should have the "daylight saving time" set to "off" immediately before daylight saving commences, and once daylight saving commences, you set it to "on" before doing the reset services. Immediately before daylight saving ends change "daylight saving time" set to "off". You should then either manually increase the time by the daylight saving offset or do a service reset followed by a service rescan. Once the changeover has occurred, set daylight saving to "on" and make sure the time offset is correct if you manually adjusted for daylight saving. Then do a service reset and a new service scan, and resend EPG and timers.

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