Controlling Multiple Toppys (in the same room)

The following is an updated version of the FAQ on the Topfield Australia Forum prepared by IanL-S. It has been updated for RemoteSwitch v2.1.

If you have more than one Toppy it is likely that they may not cohabit in a civilised way, due to the remote control units (RCUs) having the same settings. This can be overcome by a combination of TAPs (Topfield Application Programs) and RCUs (or RCU emulators such as a Harmony). Another possibility is to use an RCU app on an iPhone/iPad or Android device. There are two RCU apps:

Topfield iPhone/iPad App

This app works with the TRF-2400/2460 (from April 2013 firmware), the TRF-7260/TRF-7260+ and the TF-T6000.

iTMSRemote iPhone/iPad App and Android App

This app works with any Toppy that supports TAPs. You need to install the TMS Remote TAP on the Toppy for the App to work.

Toppy RCUs

The following Toppys have the same RCU or nearly identical RCUs. The most important parameter is the RCU mode that is used (modes 1 to 6).

RCU model RCU used by these Toppys RCU mode Clash with Toppro product number
TP006 TF4400PVRT, TF5000PVRT Silver Mode 4 RCU4400/5000S
TP301 TF7000HT, TF7010HT, TBF-7110, TBF-7200, TF6000F Unknown RCU7000HT
TP013 TF5000PVRT Masterpiece, TF5000PVRT Black Mode 1 TP307 RCU5000MP/B
TP304 TRF-2100, TF7000HDPVRT, TF7100HDPVRT, TF4410PVRT, TF5010PVRTH, TF5400PVRT, Mode 4 RCU7100HDPVR
TP304 cont TBF-7120, TF7050HDRT, TRF-7060, TRF-7150, TRF-2100, TF-T5000 Mode 4 RCU7100HDPVR
TP307 TF7100HDPVRT PLUS, TRF-7160, TRF7170, TPR-5000, TRF-7260Plus Mode 1 TP013 (default mode) RCU7100Plus
TP501 TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-5300/5310/5320, TRF-2470 Mode 5 RCU2400
TP602 TRF-72601, TRF-7260Plus, TF-T6000, TRF-2400, TFR-2460, TRF-5300/5310/5320, TRF-2470 Mode 6 TP501, TP304
TP800 TRF-2100, TRF-2200, TRF-7260, TF-T6000, TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-5300/5310.5320, TRF-2470, TF7100HDPVRt Mode 6 TP501, TP304
TP804 TRF-2100, TF7000HDPVRT, TF7100HDPVRT, TF4410PVRT, TF5010PVRTH, TF5400PVRT, Mode 4
TP804 cont TBF-7120, TF7050HDRT, TRF-7060, TRF-7150, TRF-2100, TF-T5000 Mode 4
TP807 TF7100HDPVRT PLUS, TRF-7160, TRF7170, TPR-5000, TRF-7260Plus Mode 1 TP013 (default mode) RCU7100Plus
TP850 TRF-2100, TRF-2200, TRF-7260Plus, TF-T6000, TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-5300/5310.5320, TRF-2470, TF7100HDPVRt Mode 6 RCU2400
TP857 TF7100HDPVRT PLUS, TRF-7160, TRF7170, TPR-500, TRF-7260Plus Mode 1 TP501, TP304
TPR-2000 RCU-TPR2000
The extent of the support for the TP602/TP800/TP850 by the TRF-2400/2460/2470 depends on the firmware running on the Toppy. There is far better support with April 2013 or later firmware.
The RCU-TPR2000 is not manufactured by Topfield and is unlikely to cause a clash RCU7100Plus or RCU2400.
The RCU7000HT is for a set top box, not a PVR.

There are three recent RCU for which full details (including model number) are unknown. One ships with the TRF-7260Plus (TP800) and the other with the TRF-2400 (TP850). There is also the TP-857 universal RCU. The 'TP800, TP850 and TP857 use a different code for the red function key which may not work with some TAPs. The TP307 has been replaced by the TP807.

Toppys with multiple RCU support

According to the TRF-2760 Users Manual, it supports multiple RCUs.

The TRF-7260 supports compatible RCU usage for the PVR set.
Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous > Type of RCU
The RCU code is required for this feature.

There is more information on this topic here.

The RemoteSwitch TAP

The RemoteSwitch TAP, which can be installed using TAPtoDate, allows you to use a non-native RCU with a TMS Toppy. The RemoteSwitch TAP will install three TAPs in the AutoStart folder:

* RemoteSwitch

* VolKeyPatch

* CRP_WhiteKeyFix

The first TAP runs when the Toppy powers up and then terminates. It tells the Topy which RCU mode to use. The VolKeyPatch (which must be running at all times) is used when the substituted RCU does not have separate volume and channel keys (they are shared by cursor keys), and allow the red, green, yellow and blue keys to work correctly. The CRP_WhiteKeyFix is not (apparently) applicable to Australian Toppys. However, if the white key is not working, this TAP may fix the problem.

The alternative RCU is set up using the RemoteSwitchGUI TAP, which is located in the Program Files folder. The settings are stored in the RemoteSwitch.ini which is in the RemoteSwitch subfolder under the Setting folder.


You need to set two configuration parameters, the RCU mode (the first 6 rows; toggle between active and inactive) and the Remote Control (last row; toggles between (a) 2100, 2400, (b) 7100+, 2401 and (c) 5000, 5000MP (d) 7260+). You should only have one RCU mode active (unless you wish to use multiple RCU with the Toppy). [The default settings for the TRF-2400/TRF-2460/TRF-2470 (mode5+mode6) and TRF-7260/TRF7260Plus (mode1+mode6).]

RCU Model RCU used Mode Remote Control VolKeyPatch in AutoStart folder? TMSRemote RCU
(Remote Control Code Set)
TP006 TF4400PVRT Mode 4 5000, 5000MP YES TF5000
TP013 5000MP Mode 1 5000, 5000MP YES TF5000
TP013 5000MP Mode 2 5000, 5000MP YES TF5000
TP013 5000MP Mode 3 5000, 5000MP YES TF5000
TP013 5000MP Mode 4 5000, 5000MP YES TF5000
TP304 7100 Mode 4 5000, 5000MP YES 7100HD
TP307 7100+ Mode 1 7100+, 2401 NO TMS
TP501 2400 Mode 5 2100, 2400 NO TMS
TP602 TF-T6000 Mode 6 7260+ NO TMS
TP800 7260 Mode 6 7260+ NO TMS
TP804 7100 Mode 4 5000, 5000MP YES 7100HD
TP807 7100+ Mode 1 7100+, 2401 NO TMS
TP850 2400 Mode 6 7260+ NO TMS
TP857 7100+ Mode 1 7100+, 2401 NO TMS

The column ‘TMSRemote RCU’ indicates the RCU mode used when accessing the Toppy using TMSRemote: either TMS, 7100HD or TF5000. For all keys to work you need to select the setting that corresponds to the RCU mode selected in RemoteSwitch settings.

You can also change the settings by editing the RemoteSwitch.ini in a text editor, and then copying it to the Toppy by ftp (place it in the ProgramFiles\Settings\RemoteSwitch subfolder). The RemoteSwitch.ini is a text file with 7 entries:

The first 6 are for the mode; 0 for RCU modes you do not want supported and 1 for RCU modes you want supported. SelectedRC is the Remote Control Code Set:
0 5000, 5000MP
1 2100, 2400
2 7100+, 2401
3 7260+

Some Toppys have native simultaneous support for multiple RCUs; the TRF-7260/TRF-7260Plus support both the TP602/TP800/TP850 (Mode 6) and the TP307/TP807/TP857 (Mode 1). The TRF-2400/2460/2470 support the TP501 (Mode 5) and TP602/TP800/TP850 (Mode 6) (with April 2013 or later firmware).

Supported combinations of various Toppys and Toppy RCUs:

The custom FirmwareTMS.dat file for the TRF-7260 is available here. You will also need v2.2 or earlier of RemoteSwitch and VolKeyPartch TAPs in AutoStart folder. You can install earlier versions of these TAPs using TapToDate (both are installed with RemoteSwitch).

Getting an RCU

RCUs can be purchased from the Toppro Online Store or from OKShop - the current prices are either $50 or $60. Alternatively, you can use a universal RCU such as a Harmony (see next section).

Using a Harmony RCU with your Toppy

Unless you have the alternative RCU you will need to a universal RCU such as a Harmony. Harmony RCUs can be set to emulate most of the RCUs listed above However, not all keys are necessarily mapped correctly, in which case you need the Toppy RCU to train the Harmony. There are two interfaces used to program Harmony RCUs, and the one you use depends on the model.

The biggest difficult is if you wish to use a 5000 Masterpiece RCU with other than the default Mode 1 setting (the 5000 Masterpiece RCU has 4 RCU settings, 1 to 4, and they are changed by pressing the power button and the either the 1, 2, 3 or 4 key at the same time). The harmony software assumes that you have Mode 1, and you need to train it to use other modes. To use Mode 2 with the 650 you have to train all the keys (slow and painful), but with the 880 after pressing the first few keys in the setup, it recognises the RCU and gets most of the keys correctly assigned.

Unanswered questions

  1. When using a 2400 RCU with a 7100+/7160/7170, do you need to run the VolKeyPatch (the TAP code suggests it should work), and if you do does the white key work. There is, I think, a report that activating the CRP_WhiteKeyFix TAP will fix this problem.
  2. You apparently cannot used a TP307/TP807/TP857 RCU with the TRF-2400/TRF-2460/TRF2470 because the firmware translation table does not include the codes for the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue function keys, and the VolKeyPatch TAP apparently does not support using these RCUs with these Toppys.


An example of how to change the Toppy RCU is included in the discussion of the the RemoteSwitch TAP

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