Channel 7 Subtitles Broken

Users have reported that in some versions of the firmware subtitles do not work on Channel seven. This is likely due to Seven having a service with teletext.

ttguy reports that this bug does not exist in the May 05 firmware (Channel 7 Canberra).

tonymy01 and Tyreless1 reports here and here that this bug does not exist in the Aug 06 firmware.

Indigo reports here that this bug does not exist in the Sep 06 firmware.

By deduction then it must have existed in Jan-06 and/or Feb-06 firmwares. Can anyone confirm?

tonymy01 indicates here that "This appeared to only impact people in certain regions. Seven Sydney subtitles doesn't work for late 2005 to early 2006 firmwares "

baobab68: I can confirm that subtitles didn't work for at least Channel 7, using the Feb 06 firmware. Other than that Feb 06 seemed ok in the brief time I had it on my machine. Not having subtitles was a show-stopper, so I went back to May12.

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