Bug List - Silver Standard

List of Known Bugs in TF5000PVRt (416) Australian firmwares

*Power Restore Bug - unit does not switch on when power is restored after power failure in standby mode.
*missed timers - under certain conditions unit fails to record programs set to record using the timer menu
*Fail To Wake Up - unit fails to come on from standby to record programs
*Dual-timer bug
*Playback Interuption Bugs / Check you reservation (CYR) messages
*Timeshift Buffer clobbered on recording start
*Progress bar /2 timer recordings/Chase Play bug - Can not bring up progress bar
*Favourites Mode forgotten after using radio
*Subtitles missing during FF
*Channel 7 subtitles not working properly
*PIP bug - Using PIP (picture in picture) while dual recording and playing back corupts the recordings
*Can't position cursor to after last character in filename
*Able to delete directories containing locked files.
*The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) does not always show R/Rt to indicate existing timer entries
*Jump buttons (30 sec forward, 10 sec back) not working in all modes
*non-stop recording bug -timer doesn't stop when it should, hard drive space gets eaten, very large .rec files
*Improbox flicker bug - the Improbox TAP flickers on channel change with certain firmwares

See Bug And Feature Matrix for what bugs are in what firmware versions

Firmware Upgrade/Downgrade issues with TF5000PVRt (416) Australian firmwares

*Recorded Program Too Short
*Blue Button Crashes The PVR
*Unable to Tune in TV Stations - Due to downgrading the firmware

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