Bug List Masterpiece

List of Known (Potential) Bugs Australian TF5000PVRtMP (1426) Masterpiece

TTguy has created this page as a stub as a place for MP users to contribute bugs.

TTGuy suggests people delete the links off this page if the bugs are not present in MP. If they are present then leave the link and put a sentance on the individual bug pages describing which firmwares have the bug.

*Power Restore Bug
*missed timers
*Fail To Wake Up
*Playback Interuption Bugs / Check you reservation (CYR) messages
*Timeshift Buffer clobbered on recording start
*Progress bar /2 timer recordings/Chase Play bug
*Favourites Mode forgotten after using radio
*Subtitles missing during FF
*Channel 7 subtitles not working properly
*PIP bug
*Can't position cursor to after last character in filename
*Able to delete directories containing locked files.
*The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) does not always show R/Rt to indicate existing timer entries
*Jump buttons (30 sec forward, 10 sec back) not working in all modes
*non-stop recording bug
*Improbox flicker bug
*Dual-timer bug

See Bug And Feature Matrix for what bugs are in what firmware versions

Firmware Upgrade/Downgrade issues with TF5000PVRtMP (1426) Australian firmwares

*Recorded Program Too Short
*Blue Button Crashes The PVR
*Unable to Tune in TV Stations - Due to downgrading the firmware

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